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    Name: Blaise

    Blaise Bekett

    Post by Blaise on Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:19 pm

    Personal Information:

    Blaise Bekett

    Blaze, Pennsylvania, Penn



    : : Spiders ~ Spiders are the most absolute worst thing ever.. especially the giant ones.. What else needs to be said?

    : : Goodbyes ~ He doesn't like the thought of goodbye. It seems way too final for him. As if he will never see you again.

    : : Losing his place ~ His place on the Freelancer leaderboard is something he is very VERY proud of, and if you were to be kicked out of the top 10, he would feel out of place, abandoned, and forgotten.


    : : A Good Fight ~ Preferably a hand to hand combat one, as it is one of his strengths. But Fights are fun to him, a little action to get the blood flowing never hurt anyone.... Well, yes it did. Anyone who went up against him.

    : : His Shotgun ~ He loves his shotgun, if he can get close (Which is rarely a problem,) he can kick ass with the shotgun. It was one he has had ever since he started working with project freelancer.  

    : : Team 1 ~ He loves the people he works with in Team 1. The top 5 on the Freelancer leaderboard can change out a bit, but it generally stays the same group of people. Even so, everyone he works with, he gets along with.


    : : Traitors ~ He hates people who betray their team. Whether they are his opponent or not, you never betray who you are affiliated with, even if you think you are losing, never break that loyalty.

    : : Yelling ~ He isn't very fond of people yelling in an argument, it shouldn't go over the top. I mean c'mon! Hasn't anyone heard of diplomacy?

    : : Failure ~ He hates to fail, or more-so, disappoint. This comes from a desire to please people inside of himself, also to please himself. He doesn't want to be recognized by himself, or his peers as someone who messed up, even though it is natural for everyone to do so.




    Freelancer Top 10 ~ #1 (A Rank)

    Mark V Helmet with Scout Body armor.

    Primary Color:

    Secondary Color:

    5' 8"

    140 lb

    Appearance Picture Here:

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